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Shadow Root, and root melting, is the technique of adding a “grown out” appearance to the hair. 

Similar to the Ombre, we leave the illusion of dark roots and lighter ends, but without a sharp contrast between them. The colorist blends out the dye along the entire length of the hair, guess it, a shadow effect: The roots of the hair are not touched, and the color blends from the natural root, down to the lightened tips.  


Adding a shadow root to the hair can add lightness and volume and provide a low-maintenance way to be over 2 levels lighter than your natural hair.  Another benefit to not having to color so often is seen in the overall health of your hair, especially if you lighten more than 2 levels lighter than your natural hair. 

​Shadow Rooting is great for someone looking to give the ultimate “natural” look, since most natural blondes have darker roots than ends from sun exposure, adding a shadow root can give the effect of sun great rather than chemical lightening. 

This technique is also great for someone looking to grow out their natural color or if you are interested in getting back to a blank slate to change up their look. 

Another way to use this technique is to apply fantasy colors to the roots, giving a very Indie vibe without feeling stuck with a crazy color hair. 

No matter the process, all over application hair color, Balayage painting, foiled high’s and lows... we’ll make it look like you were born with it!

Unless natural isn’t your thing... then we’ll work it out. 

A common misconception- foils look un-natural, Balayage looks natural. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve seen some terrible painting jobs out there... it’s all about the artist applying your color. Taking into consideration your hair type, color, texture, cut, and the desired outcome, we’ll help you decide which process is best for you.

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