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Virtual Haircut

Feeling a little COVID messy...a little trim will solve that. Please don't try and go it alone, we're here to help


We have Covid-19 Virtual Haircut options. 

Men and women are still working, via Zoom and still seen by colleagues. As well, our off time has been virtual meet up heavy, and the last thing we want our friends to think is that Rona has made us give up. We can get you back to looking like you with a little trim. 

Ideal? Nope, but we must do what we have to. 

Please do not order shears and clippers and try to go it alone. We are here to help! 

At your virtual haircut, we will walk you through how to nip up your ends, or perform a basic clipper cut. We know your scared, but we're here to tell you it'll be alright!

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