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Virtual Hair - Is It Our New Normal

Updated: May 4, 2020

Let's start by saying, NO... it is not our new normal, just our Right Now Normal!

With COVID-19 currently interrupting life across all industries, we've all had to come up with ways to adapt. Which makes me wonder how long Virtual Hair will be around. While not ideal, The Salon Westfield, along with stylist all across the country have found ways to help people stay looking and feeling like themselves. Be it at home color touch up kits, help with buzzer trims, or teaching you how to trim those split ends so you don't feel so unkempt during your mandatory Zoom meetings and family gatherings, we've adapted.

Is your color going to be the best... no.

is your cut going to be the best... no.

But, it's going to be way better then if you impulsively try to do it yourself.


At Home Hair Color Touch-Up Kits

Box dye has to be formulated to work on all hair, not your particular hair, so without fail, it's too pigmented, the developer is too harsh and it causes damage and the need to color correct later. As stylist this is our worst nightmare, so please consult a professional and even better if your stylist is offering at home help, stick with that. We know your formula, we know what developer you use and we know what we can do, so that when we see you again we won't have a full on color correction to deal with.


Hair Cutting on the other hand, not quite as easy to explain. While touching up the roots, application wise is pretty doable yourself, the color formulation is where the expertise comes into play, and we've got you covered. Cutting is best left to your stylist. We know however, we are all starting to feel desperate and a lot of you still have to go to work, virtually. So there are ways we can walk you through trimming your ends, and yes, even those pesky bangs...

Definitely, do not try this unsupervised, it's a recipe for disaster and usually ends in tears.

Virtual Haircuts?!

Stacy Pitt of The Salon Westfield and StylesOnB in NYC recently went live with Maggie Gray of WFAN sports radio, and helped her trim her ends while talking a little sports. Fun? YES

A long term solution? NO

*But also, check out Maggie Gray


She's an amazing lady who we've known for a long time, we're so proud of how far she's come and how much of a positive influence she is for girls and woman.

Yes, girls can like sport too!

Now... Virtual Styling Lessons and Hair Parties? We'll that is a whole other story, and one we are happy to tell.

Check out our post coming soon on Virtual Styling!

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