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The Perfect Blonde

Do Blondes Have More Fun? Absolutely!

But not necessarily when figuring out how.

Highlights, Baby-lights, Balayage, Foilyage, painting, chunking, melting, shadow rooting, blending, and toning. Not to mention single process, double process and triple process... the options go on and on. It seems like every day here at The Salon Westfield, we have a new trend and technique to achieve the perfect blonde.

How do you know if it's right for you?

Free consultations here at your salon.

So many options and so many hair types and textures, your best bet in achieving your ultimate blonde is to talk to us. We'll help you figure out the perfect color technique.

Top 5 Ways To Get A Perfect Blond

#1 Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle

Before all else, we have to be realistic. Are you a salon junkie like us? Cool then you have no problem with a high maintenance color.

But, If you travel for work, or if you find that making it to your salon is difficult even on a semi-regular basis, then maybe a color that needs 8-week maintenance isn’t for you.

The last thing you need is to be stressing about your hair. You want to love your blonde and all it entails.

#2 Know Your Budget

Listen, some blondes are as easy as ABC, and some are more like XYZ multiplied by really hard.

Different blending techniques, different application methods, skill levels, additives, and the amount of product used. These are just some of the factors that determine the price.

We are your colorist, and we love to see you!

You want to love your color and we want you to love being here.

If a super high maintenance blonde is out of the monthly budget, we have options perfect for you!

There are so many ways to make sure you look great and keep the price tag exactly where you're comfortable.

Let us customize something that works for you in all aspects of life.

#3 Not Everyone Is Cameron Diaz.

Ok, I’m gonna be real for a minute. We're so sad when a beautiful brunette with exotic brown eyes brings in an inspiration photo of Cameron Diaz.

It’s not going to happen ladies. There are so many images on the interweb… I'm sure we can find some inspiration in the right tone.

Skin tone, Hair Texture, eye color… all these things matter. If you’d like the absolute best blonde for you, we can do it!

But let's stay within our tonal boundaries.

We of course can do what you'd like, but it won't be your perfect blonde. And why would we want to do that!

#4 Use Your Words Not Ours

With Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other media we use daily to find inspiration for our own life, we’ve become more informed. But it doesn’t always work to your advantage. Try explaining what you want in your words, not ours. Years ago when the Ombre Highlight look was extremely popular people would come in and ask for an Ombre or Balayage. The problem was, they were different.


One is an application and one is an overall result. Feel free to ask your stylist all the questions you’d like about all the applications. Why we chose an application for your hair or what the technical terms mean… but when explaining what you want, use your words which can help us achieve our perfect color.

#5 Trust Your Colorist… Or Make A Change.

Trust your colorist. After you consult on what you would like to gain from your coloring experience and discuss lifestyle and budget, ask us for our opinion. We may have another idea that will work better or we may think what you want is just perfect!

But Let's hash it out together.

You gotta have faith.

If you do not trust us as your colorists, then this relationship may not be right.

I know that sounds like a weird thing to say because we're not in the business of turning people away, but there is a big difference between being nervous to make a change or try something new, and just not trusting your colorist.

I for one do not want you to stay on with me if you do not trust me. What’s the point!?

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