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What Hair Vloggers, Blogger And Tutorials Aren't Telling You

Updated: May 25, 2020

It’s not quite as easy as they make it appear.

It’s not quite as easy as they make it appear.

Hours and hours of practicing their technique. Perfect video lighting. Many takes, many cuts and so much editing. That is what they are not telling you.

Some of us out there, who already have skills that we’ve developed over the years can catch on, but there is a huge majority of people starting from scratch.

Virtual Hair At The Salon Westfield
Virtual Hair The Salon Westfield

So for many people watching that hair tutorial can leave you feeling all the feels.

Wondering why it doesn’t see to work for you.

You're a smart cookie, you accomplish things…

How can such a easy looking task throw you for such a loop?

Simple, we all learn differently.

Not everyone has the time to invest in perfecting a skill that only benefits us.

We have school, jobs, some have kids, dogs… how much time do we really have to work on hair?

I’d argue that you need something for yourself, and hair is such a part of our identity. A reasonable about of effort can go a long way to helping your day be a little better

With COVID-19 rocking everyone's world right now, hairstylists have had to start getting creative. VIRTUAL HAIR!!

At-home hair color boxes, toning, and root touchup boxes. A great idea, no, but we have been offering them to our clients here at The Salon Westfield and our sister salon StylesOnB NYC. Why? Because we don’t want to have to color correct all of our clients, after a moment of desperation leads them to the dreaded drug store box dye section of their local CVS. One thing to pop up in our new Virtual Hair Salons is Virtual Styling lessons, one on one teaching for you, not the masses.

Virtual Hair At The Salon Westfield

We all learn differently, we all have varied motor skill, and some of us work better with a visual, while some need to visualize.

Visualizers, please don't look in the mirror while you work, that is what makes you lose the plot. Just feel your way.

We’ve found so much success in these virtual hairstyling classes we plan to keep them after RONA leaves and we can get back to normal social interactions.

(Not that ZOOM hasn’t kept us entertained, but I know I’m ready to see my family and friends in real life. )

Which brings us to something I’ve learned across this journey.

You do not have to do it perfectly.

You do not have to spend hours and hours practicing.

And while we have time now, we’ll soon be back to our busy day to days, and the idea of practicing to be perfect sounds dreadful.

Virtual Hair Lessons At The Salon Westfield
Home Styling Tips And Tricks
What we need are tricks. Tricks to make it look way better then if we did nothing at all.

Recently we did a little summer hair look video.

It wasn't sectioned well, curled perfectly, or even braided evenly. But we used little tricks to make it look like it took longer then it did.

In truth, the style its self took 8 min.

But… I do hair.

With a few mins. To teach you the tricks, I’d say your first attempt will take 20 min.

2nd attempt 15 min.

And by attempt 3 you’ll have it down to 12 min.

Every day, maybe not… but if you're going to meet friends out do you think you could spare 12 min. To look a little more put together than normal?

I’d say yes.

So whether it be a summer look like this one, a blown outlook for work. Some soft curls for an event, or the dreaded bun, which we promise, you can learn how to put in well. We think it’s best to learn tricks and leave the idea of doing it perfect to the professionals, who are paid to practice.

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Best hair salon in Jersey! Loved the video....keep them coming!

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