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Hey Westfield! We're New In Town

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Haircut Bar Salon is getting a makeover. New Name, New Look, New Owner... and the BEST Hair!

Scandinavian, botanical, boho interior design. Hair Salon Decor and Design at The Salon Westfield. Westfield NJ
The Salon Westfield. Westfield NJ 07090

Westfield NJ is where it’s at right now. With young couples moving from NYC, Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken, NYC & Celebrity Stylist Stacy Pitt figured she’d fit right in. The East Village local and business owner has taken Haircut Bar Salon on South Avenue in the charming town. She’s given the beautiful space a face lift, brought a little New York edge and most importantly her 20 years of experience and skills.

Scandinavian, Botanical, Boho Interior Design At The Salon Westfield. Hair Salon Decor
The Salon Westfield. Westfield NJ 07090

Meet Stacy

Stacy Pitt, Owner of StylesOnB in NYC at her new salon, The Salon Westfield. 205 South Avenue W. Westfield, NJ 07090
Stacy Pitt Owner of The Salon Westfield

This Jersey girl started her career training at the prestigious Horst Institute before being accepted for advanced training in Beverly Hills CA.

She spent her time training with top celebrity stylists and perfecting her color and dry cutting techniques before taking her own chair on the salon floor.

Having worked with countless television and movie actors and musicians and on award shows, she felt her time in LA, while amazing, wasn’t her forever life.

She’s an East Coast girl at heart and she packed it up, headed back home and opened up her own salon in the East Village.

They had given her a chair at John Saahag on Madison Ave, but decided last minute she’d be happier going it on her own.

Glad she did, Styles On B in NYC has been the best decision she ever made.

...Until Now…


Westfield is a new chapter & sure to be the next best decision!

Scandi, Boho, Botanical Salon Design, at The Salon Westfield, Westfield NJ Salon Design.
205 South Avenue W. Westfeild NJ 07090

She’s moving in... with a Scandinavian botanical vibe. Bringing a little NYC edge, her years of experience, excellent hair and Vibe.

Believing a salon should be a place to not only get some great hair, but have a great time. Atmosphere is everything. No sense in starting a business that you don’t want to hang out at. Our salons are family. We like to hang out with each other, we like to hang out with our clients, and we need to have fun at work!

Nothing makes us happier than when two strangers meet at the salon and leave with a great blow out and new friends!

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